Virtual office

If you are starting a business and need to use our address for the first month or two, or until you can find the perfect place for your own business, then you are in the right place. We offer complete flexibility and therefore, you can easily change your address anytime you need.
If you do your work from home and wish to keep your home address private, but still wish to obtain a professional image of an organization registered in a Business Center in Cusco and with a recognizable address, then our virtual office service is the ideal solution.
If your business has field operations and you are never in the same location twice, then our virtual office service is the ideal solution for your business.

Virtual Office

Rates at
  • Use of legal and fiscal address
  • Postal adress, reception of letters and packages
  • Access to the AYNICENTER community

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If you do any commercial activities in another city of Per or if you do business abroad and you want to have an address for promotional material in Cusco - without actually having a physical presence - then our virtual office is the solution for you. When you register your business at our address, you obtain a professional image with a recognizable address.