About Us


AYNICENTER is the place to go to share knowledge, network, and create a community in which we can develop projects and businesses, as well as make our ideas a reality. With the trust generated by reciprocity and a collaborative culture in a safe and stable environment, we are able to grow and overcome any challenges, together.

In AYNICENTER, we have the tools to reach our goals through the services we offer: Physical and virtual offices, spaces to work together, have meetings, as well as train and educate others. We also have a highly qualified team of advisors who propel the creation of a contact network in our community.

Our community is formed by people with integrity from diverse professional and business areas that wish to make a positive impact in the economy, environment, and society. As a community, we abandon the idea that only selfinterest can justify the modern economic system and as a result, redefine the meaning of success.

AYNI as a concept

Ayni is a way of life of the ancient people of Peru that manifests via complementary social relationships based on mutual help, reciprocity, and by generating trust in one another and in the community. The idea is that each action or activity of a person results from an act of another person, thus, in every moment, we are giving and receiving. This Quechua and Aymara concept also implies that opposites must not compete against one another but should instead understand one another and integrate for the common good.


AYNICENTER´s objective is to humanize our economy and make a contribution to society and its sustainable development by generating a change in the way we understand and do business in a globalized world. By applying the Ayni ancestral concept, the meaning of success is redefined, transcending individualism.